Let me speak plainly, and let me be honest. There must be candor, so there are no misconceptions.

Let me speak plainly, and let me be honest. I want you to take on more than you can carry. I want you to sacrifice your own well being for the benefit of others. I want you to act as if others are more important than you are because you know that to be true. I want a future you will never see to be the center of your life.

These words are the hardest I have written because with each stroke I feel hopelessness etched into me. Who will listen? Who will hear? Who will rise and take up the burden? Writing this, I feel as alone as I have ever been. But I am not. Neither are you.

We will all toil and die. I want it to mean something. I want you to leave this world better than you found it. I want you to bleed and be glad for it. I want your heart to beat for more than just you. I want your heart to beat for us all.

I want you to be a light that shines so brightly it dispels all shadows, shine so brightly that we all can see it, and know that your time will be brief, that you will flicker like a candle and be snuffed by cold and wind and time. I want you to burn so brightly that for a moment we will all see it, and we will know we are not alone, and we will follow your example, until each person is alight, shining, divine.

Alight, yes, in fire, because this is not a call for peace, nor it is a call for simpering kindness, the bland passivity of charity and gentle words. I want you to tear down walls and clear fields. I want you to object and rebel and fight with tooth and nail. I want you to dig in your heels and take not one step back. I want you to see what must be done, and do it.

I want you to know the world is ending, that the world has always been ending, and as it crumbles others rush to build it up out of the rubble, never realizing it is time to let it fall. I want you to know that too, that there is a time for endings. Our dead feed the soil, and the light of a sun slowly burning itself out gives us life. It is time for this to end so something else can begin.

Most of all, in all of this, in the disorder and decay, I want you to know that you are not alone. We may be lost in darkness, but look for the light, look for the light and follow it. As I write this I may feel alone, but distant lights call me onwards, and I know I am not, because you are with me. I can see your light from here.

You are not alone.